Getting Healthy is a Marathon, not a Sprint

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New Favorite Breakfast!

This is just my absolute FAV thing to have in the mornings now…it fills me up and gives me energy, which makes me want to work out…ya cant go wrong! It also satisfies my sweet tooth early in the day, so I usually don’t feel the need to snack on chocolate at night.

I started buying this brand of instant oats after watching Anna Saccone’s ‘What I Eat’ videos on youtube (her name on there is TheStyleDiet) & I’m in LOVE! I have tried all the different varieties but this one is the best…as she says, it is the bomb dot com ha ha! 

I make mine with either berries or banana each morning, and depending what milk is in the fridge, organic whole or organic low fat milk…(I’m currently avoiding soy for my skin, as it has improved a lot since I cut down on processed soy products!)

My Breakfast of Choice:

1 Sachet of the Alpen raspberry, apple & raisin porridge

150ml low fat organic milk

4 large, juicy, ripe strawberries

1 cup of Bewley’s coffee with stevia



It is so creamy and delicious and wholesome! 


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Woke up feeling pretty slim this morning! Feeling so healthy! :)

Today was a ‘maintenance’ calorie day (around and about…as I don’t actually track, I’m just aware of calorie content!) as I was quite active with 80 minutes walking & I’m about to do the 30 day shred…upping the good foods and workouts because it is valentine’s day next week! Gotta look good in my dress!

Breakfast: High fiber toast (buttered) with smoked salmon, fried egg (non-stick pan) with some strawberries!

Mid-morning snack: Skinny cappuccino at Starbucks & a raw nakd bar in my favorite flavor…DELICIOUS!

Lunch: Roast chicken breast, salad with some roasted Mediterranean veggies, pea & mint cous cous plus an innocent smoothie (the little hat haha…SO CUTE!) & a fairtrade dark chocolate bar…I couldn’t resist ;)

Dinner: Tiny piece of sirloin with some sugar free baked beans and carrot batons :)

Dessert: Three of the quinoa cookies that I baked yesterday! Mmmm!

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Super Clean Dinner & Quinoa Cookie Recipe!

I really wanted a light dinner today (mainly because I wasn’t that hungry after accidentally eating TWO ‘9’ bars instead of one…(they may be healthy, but they clock up 200 calories a pop!) so I opted for some all-natural garlic & coriander hummus with a platter of fresh vegetables…raw carrot, green bell pepper and celery, YUM! Such a full, yet clean feeling after eating a meal like this <3

Also, having picked up organic quinoa flakes last night while out on our family walk, I thought about possible uses them for other than ‘porridge’ in the mornings…

I came up with a base recipe for super healthy cookies/biscuits…they are really nice and filling and you could pretty much add anything to them in the way of dried fruits, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, sweeteners like honey or brown sugar, nuts etc etc…here is what I used (my brother and my dad slathered them with Nutella & gobbled them up, with rave reviews!)

1 cup organic quinoa flakes

1 ripe banana

1 free-range egg

2 tbsp natural peanut butter

1/4 cup low fat organic milk

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp baking powder

2 sachets of stevia (all-natural plant based sweetener)

I added all the dry ingredients in one bowl, all the wet ingredients in another, mixed each bowl’s ingredients well then added them together and formed into circles on a baking tray (sprayed with 1 calorie olive oil spray to ensure that they didn’t stick) then I put them into a preheated oven (180 degrees centigrade) for 25 minutes, turning once. 

Here is the cookies before/after cooking. They really did fill me up so much…I’m bringing a couple with me tomorrow for my Starbucks coffee break in uni! YUM!

Enjoy xxx

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Healthy Eats!

Here are some pictures of today’s lunch, snacks and dinner…breakfast was the same as ALWAYS these days (one of the Alpen porridge sachets (raspberry & apple flavor with whole organic milk and cinnamon + a small banana chopped in, and then a skinny cappuccino from Starbucks when I arrived at uni) so I didn’t bother taking a picture for you lovely people ;) 

Lunch & Snacks

  • Sweet chili chicken wholemeal pitta
  • '9 Bar' - the pumpkin variety - these are sooo good and much healthier than say, a snickers!
  • Natural Yogurt…because, just…yum. YUM.
  • A large Pink Lady apple
  • A salad of rocket, red bell pepper and cucumber dressed in balsamic <3




'Fried rice' bowl (without oil)…stir fry steamed brown rice in a pan with 2 tbsp water, 1 egg, 3 chopped scallions, some smoked salmon and some low sodium soy sauce, and you get a filling bowl of magic deliciousness! 


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Perfect food day! (for me, anyway…)

This is about as ‘healthy’ as I’m willing to go on a typical day! I cannot give up the things I love, so I just make sure to have fruit and veg with every meal!

Breakfast: Alpen raspberry, apple and raisin porridge with organic whole milk, chopped banana & coffee!

Mid-morning: Cinnamon cappuccino <3

Lunch: Wholegrain bagel with smoked chicken breast, local tomato relish, chopped peppers, spring onion + a natural yogurt + a large apple!

Dinner: Wholegrain pasta with tomato & chili sauce, chorizo, fresh basil, spring onion, peppers & rocket salad dressed in balsamic vinegar!

Dessert: Half of a large orange :)

Today I walked 8k & did the 30 day shred dvd. At this rate, bring on Valentine’s day! ;)

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Recent Healthy Food Choices - Breakfasts/Eating Out/Dinners/New Favorite Snack!

I’ve been quite naughty recently and have been indulging a lot (ahem…CHOCOLATE), however, the majority of my meals have been fairly decent nutrition-wise, which is what matters most, after all.

Although I still eat regular pasta on occasion (not to mention white bread)…I can assure you, I am perfectly healthy…same as all those Europeans who eat it regularly & have some of the lowest rates of obesity and disease in the world! Carbs are our friends ;) Once you are getting your fiber in, you can have a bit of the white stuff and NO, it will not make you fat. 

Yummy Breakfasts 

Alpen Porridge with Berries (any fruit, really…also love it with chopped banana) & Homemade Cappuccino (organic whole milk)


Toast with light Philadelphia garlic & herb, a fried egg, sugar snap peas (raw), multivitamin juice & cinnamon spice cappuccino! 


Overnight Oats with Greek Style Yogurt, Raisins, Maple Syrup, Plums, Red Grapes, Pear Juice & Coffee! 


Healthy(well…healthier) Fast Food!

In Starbucks…a skinny vanilla & cinnamon latte with the chicken & pasta salad bento box! I also had half of a skinny lemon and poppy seed muffin which I forgot to photograph, DAYUM they taste incredible, so moist!


In Subway, I ordered the sweet chicken teriyaki on the new 9 grain high fiber wheat bread, with one slice of spicy cheese, ALL the veg and a tiny bit of the honey & mustard sauce, plus a bottle of water of course…always drink your 2 to 3 liters per day, guys, no matter WHAT! 


My Favorite Dinner (this week haha…it changes constantly, as you can already tell from my blog!)

Fresh Free Range Egg Tagliatelle with some form of fish & veggies…here are two separate meals, both with basil pesto, one with smoked salmon and one with tuna fish & peas…also had salad leaves dressed in olive oil and lemon juice, YUM!



And of course, my new favorite snack OMG! 

Pulsin’ Raw Choc Brownie with Almonds and Raisins…just…try one! Cannot believe the ingredients and how filling they are. YUM!


Hopefully that gives you an idea of where I’m at & also some ideas for your own meals! Eat up & be merry!

Mel <3 xxx

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Just to clarify…I did NOT eat four plates of pasta…I wish ;)

Breakfast: Fruit & nut porridge with chopped banana, cinnamon & a home made cappuccino with whole milk and stevia! 

Lunch: Food doctor pitta with tuna, lite mayo, cucumber, red bell pepper & an apple :)

Dinner: Jamie Oliver’s chorizo ‘carbonara’ with green beans…AMAZING, will probably have this again tomorrow.

Today I also had a banana for a snack plus some treats after dinner. Total maintenance day! <3

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